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After two ill-informed mishaps in Iraq and Afghanistan, the loss of thousands of lives, and the economy nearing collapse one would think the United States must have lost its appetite for war. Nonetheless, AIPAC (America’s Israel lobby) considers this moment a good opportunity to start beating the drums of war against Iran. With the election so close, the presidential candidates are trying to out do each other in their threats to annihilate Iran in order to appease Israel sympathizers. The ingrained policy of protecting Israel at all costs divulges the Jewish-Zionist grasp on US politics. It also shows a flaw in the US political system which AIPAC has milked to its utmost advantage.

A 2006 comprehensive Harvard study by two professors titled the Israel lobby and US foreign policy revealed that one of the most crucial factors in President Bush’s decision to attack Iraq in 2001 was to help Israel. With support from AIPAC, Israel and the Jewish high ranking “neo-conservative” officials in the administration, Bush decided to invade and nullify one of Israel’s greatest perceived threats in the region. In 2004, US Senator Ernest Hollings declared that the US invaded Iraq “to secure Israel,” and “everybody” knows it.

However, the invasion of Iraq was not intentioned to be a costly quandary but a first step in the larger plan for the region. Pro-Israel supporters have always pursued a direct involvement of the US in the Middle East in order to seek protection for Israel. Soon after the war in Iraq the Israeli ambassador to the US, Danny Ayalon, called for a regime change in Iran. He claimed that the removal of Saddam was not sufficient and that America has to “follow through” because there were great threats emanating from Syria and Iran.

Thus keeping true to their grand plan for the Middle East, a barrage of op-eds now warn of imminent danger if Iran were to build a nuclear weapon – just like articles on Saddam Hussein being a grave threat to humankind, were published before the Iraq invasion. The very same Israeli, American and other intelligence agencies who insisted Iraq possessed WMDs now assert that Iran is assembling a nuclear weapon. In reality Israel knows that if the US can live with a nuclear Russia, nuclear China, nuclear Pakistan and a nuclear North Korea then it can live with a nuclear Iran as well. However, this goes against Israel’s policy of maintaining a monopoly of nuclear arsenal in the Middle East. Hence, in order to preserve the balance of power in its favour, the Israel lobby is mounting pressure on the US by threatening to take pre-emptive action against Iran.

The US and its allies have hardened sanctions on Iran by targeting its central bank and banning its oil imports. However, sanctions only hurt ordinary citizens and it is delusional to think that a crippled economy will push Iranians to overthrow the regime. In fact, it could lead to more support for Ahmadinejad.

In its determination to wage a war against Iran, the Israel lobby has forbidden diplomacy. According to section 601 of the AIPAC drafted sanctions bill, which was passed in November 2011, the US president, diplomats and other officials cannot pursue negotiations with Iran. In order to even begin diplomacy with Iran the President must now convince, 15 days in advance, the House Committee on Foreign Affairs that not doing so would pose an “extraordinary threat to the vital national security interests of the United Sates”. Not to mention that the leaders of this committee, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Howard Berman seek war in the first place. By signing this bill the US has severely limited their functionality; never in its history have US officials been outlawed from conducting diplomacy with foreign states even during war. For instance, the Cuban missile crisis was resolved through secret meetings between US and Soviet officials.

Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan and the former chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi stated that the Iranian threat was not as forthcoming as suggested and that a military strike would be catastrophic. It is time for the American populace to wake up and realize how their charity and tax contributions are being used. Discourse on Israel is most often one sided and any other view is instantly labeled anti-Semitic. Not only is AIPAC stepping on America’s democratic principles but by thwarting any US attempts to make peace, it has ensured that a solution to the Israeli-Palestine conflict is unlikely. The status quo continues to supply extremists with plenty of fuel for recruitment and further promotes radical Islam around the globe. AIPAC is without a doubt an immense success story, but they are currently walking a fine line with supporters who have long grown tired of a recent decade of conflict. If the Zionists are not careful, their tremendous influence may be the very thing that undoes them.

*Title of this article was borrowed from a Conflict Resolution book, Leashing the Dogs of War: conflict management in a divided world by Crocker, Hampson and Aall

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