3000 Cups of Tea – The Mission & Madness of Greg Mortenson

Last year, I was interviewed for the  upcoming documentary on Greg Mortenson’s schools in Pakistan. The film is titled 3000 Cups of Tea  and looks into the allegations of fraud made by the CBS  news show called 60 Minutes. After visiting Korphe and witnessing CAI schools in action along the way I’m glad to see Jennifer and Jeff carry out extensive research to get to the bottom of the story. 60 Minutes has already destroyed its credibility last year by running a fake story on Bengazi and then a fluff  piece on the NSA.

Neither 60 Minutes or Mortenson’s biggest critic, Jon Krakauer traveled to Pakistan or Afghanistan to research the existence of these schools and that is baffling! Krakauer does good work, his research into the US military’s cover up of Pat Tilman’s death by friendly fire in Afghanistan was an eye opener. Hence, it is difficult to understand why Krakauer went after Mortenson without conducting adequate research before making these accusations.

“Throughout my trip in the northern areas of Pakistan, I came across numerous blue CAI boards marking their institutions. The kids at the school in Korphe now have opportunities that were otherwise beyond their reach before the charity began and the locals backed up every aspect of Three Cups of Tea that I could remember”…you can read more about my experience in Korphe here and view the trailer to the documentary below:



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